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Financing & Implementing Resilience with a Systems Approach in Beirut

January 02, 2018

In the latest findings made during a workshop in Beirut on “Financing and Implementing Resilience with Systems Approach”, Jieling Liu, a journalist and a PhD candidate in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies at the University of Lisbon, sums up six key messages from the workshop, which can be helpful to urban planners:


1.   An integrated urban environment is beneficial for health, the ultimate goal of resilient cities. It is increasingly challenged in Beirut by rapid urbanization outpacing appropriate planning.


2.  Improving health in Beirut was prioritize to leverage planning of public transport, green and public spaces and walkability. Each can be an entry point for taking a systems approach for urban resilience in Beirut.


3.  Resolving this priority in Beirut can lead to improving urban health and wellbeing and achieving Roadmap 2030 for making city regions healthy, resilient and sustainable.


4.   An integrated collaborative systems modelling and implementation approach, proposed by BAU, TRUST and UHWB can improve planning to resolve the interconnected urban health problems of Beirut.


5.   Harnessing complexity for resilience building in Beirut should take into account its diverse sociocultural profile and distinctive development phases from research to financing and implementation.


6.  Knowledge-action transfer needs to extend from networks (KANs) to systems (KASs) and incorporate committed financing to make plans actionable for resilience in the long term. The Resilience Brokers Programme of TRUST can facilitate this process.

For more info, read the attached.

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