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AASSA - SCJ Workshop on "Role of Science for Inclusive Society"

March 06, 2017

Inclusiveness is an underlying concept of the 17 objectives for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. In this regard, Asian countries, which embrace very diverse regions, are faced with various problems in realising inclusive society. These are poverty, urban-rural divide, environmental pollution, aging society, lack of women’s involvement, brain drain of researchers, among others. The AASSA Tokyo workshop aims at deepening the scientific discussions on the interconnectedness between the social system (i.e., laws, regulations, and economic and cultural systems) and individual measures, which aim to address the aforementioned problems, such as food production, water and health management, energy supply, disaster risk reduction for vulnerable people, measures on infectious diseases, elderly health care, urban planning for the elderly, universal design, among others. Furthermore, the workshop will also focus on the issues around scientists themselves, such as women scientists, nurturing future scientists in developing countries, among others. Since Asia has a large regional diversity, the applications of sciences differ region by region. The insight and scientific knowledge on the relationship between the regional diversity and inclusiveness, which will be obtained through this workshop, will be useful for strengthening the contribution of sciences for the other parts of the globe.

Dr. Franz Gatzweiler, the executive director of the programme "Urban health and wellbeing:a systems approach", made a presentation on creating opportunity spaces for advancing health and wellbeing in complex urban systems.

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