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Professsor Thomas Krafft Visited Urban Health and Well-being Programme

August 18, 2016
On August 16, Professsor Thomas Krafft from Maastricht University in the Netherlands visited the office of Urban Health and Well-being Programme (UHWB) and gave a presentation with the title “Addressing Urban Health Inequity - The Euro-Healthy Project (Horizon 2020)”. He shared his experience on the methodology of population health index and took his research project-the Euro-Healthy Project as an illustrative example. He specialized how to identify and select indicators to build multi-criteria decision model. Web-delphi and participatory process have been employed in his case. Building the population index to support policy decision is one of the outputs of his research project. 

Thomas Krafft’s research focuses on comparative health systems research, global health and health geography with a regional focus on Europe and Asia (especially India and China). Recently, he has been involved in collaborative research projects on emergency medical care research, syndromic surveillance and health monitoring. He regularly lectures at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, at universities in India and at the Centre for Management and Quality in Health Care, Donau-University, Krems/Austria.

Thomas Krafft is co-chair of the European Academic Global Health Alliance (EAGHA), chair of Global Health Europe and co-chair of the Commission on Environment and Health of the International Geographic Union (CHE-IGU). He is editor in chief of the newly established journal "Earth Perspectives" (Springer).

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