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Governing the Anthropocene: Cyber-systemic Possibilities Workshop

July 30, 2015
On July 30-31, 2015, the prevailing paradigm in the governance of the relationships between humans and the urban environment is characterized by commitments to scientism and linear, monocausal and dualistic thinking. Enacting cyber-systemic processes that maintain the quality of relationships between humans and their environment and the institutions which shape these relationships, are failing on many fronts. The Anthropocene has emerged as a conceptual framing for this issue. The Workshop fostered a resurgence in cyber-systemic thought and action with the aim to generate a potentially fundable research agenda. The two day event at Herrenhausen Palace in Hannover, Germany was organized by Prof. Ray Ison and Prof. Konrad Hagedorn from Monash University and Humboldt University of Berlin, respectively. It was framed as an invitation to contributors from different cyber-systemic organisations and communities to participate in a systemic inquiry into how cyber-systemic thinking and practice can contribute to
transformations that better enable us to govern the anthropocene.
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