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Summer school 2015 at IUE

July 15, 2015
On July 15-18, 2015, the summer school at IUE is an annual event to which Chinese and international students are invited for introducing IUE’s work to a broader junior academic audience. This year the summer school was co-organized by the Urban Health and Wellbeing Programm which allowed us to invite international lecturers and non-Chinese students who are potentially interested to do research in the thematic focus of the programme:
Prof. Frank Wania from University of Toronto, gave a lecture on “Simulating differences in exposure to PCBs between generations, sub-populations and individuals.”
Prof. Keith Dear from Duke Kunshan University, presented on “Climate Change and Urban Health”
Dr. Ana Rada Tarifa from Mayor de san Andres University, La Paz, Bolivia, and a member of the ICSU Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean presented on “Rural-urban migration and chronic diseases”.
Dr. Feng Kuishuang from University of Leeds, lectured on “Teleconnecting Consumption to Environmental Impacts at Multiple Spatial Scales”
Prof. Yu Xin from IUE, gave a lecture on “You can say NO!”
Prof. Shao Guofan from Purdue University, gave a lecture on “Optical Sensing Technology and Application”
Prof. Zheng Yuming from IUE, talked about “New nano-functional materials”.
Prof. Yu Changping from IUE, gave a lecture on “Emerging Pollutants”.
Prof. Franz Gatzweiler from IUE, presented the research agenda of the Programme: “Urban health and wellbeing: a Systems Approach”.

Director Zhu Yongguan from IUE, gave a lecture on “Where has the Nitrogen gone?”

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